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Course Features

  • Complimentary Life time Access to Core Java Online course
  • Course mentored by Industry expert
  • Project-based learning which will add stars to your resume
  • Course completion certificate
  • 1 Minor Project based on real-world applications

Course Overview

  • This course will help you to learn Python Programming Language which is basic to build Scientific Computing, Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learing and AI models and general purpose web applications.. The course will be mentored & guided by an Industry expert having hands-on experience in the design, development & maintenance of Java based web applications.The course includes 2 minor projects based on real-world applications with guided lab sessions.
  • It will be an online live (Live Stream) class, so you can attend this class from any geographical location. It will be an interactive live session, where you can ask your doubts to the instructor (similar to an offline classroom program).
  • Pre-requisites: Will to learn
  • Recommended for: Anyone who wants to learn and build Data Analytics/ ML/ AI Model or Python-based web applications, specifically
    • 1. College students who are looking for training in Python/ NumPy/ Pandas/ Matplotlib/ Django/ Flask
    • 2. Working Professionals who want to learn backend development with Python / Django/ Flask or Data Analytics

Course Mentor

  • Nitesh Sir, synonymous for C, C++, Data Structure and Python Training is a very seasoned trainer loved by students from last 11 years. His knowledge and delivery style for any entry level programming languages training for beginners specifically ' C, C++, Data Structure & Python ' is appreciated not only by graduates, undergraduates but by professionals also who are working on these technologies. He is the most preferred trainer of beginners.

Course Content

  • Java - What, Where and Why?
  • Features of Java
  • Introduction to JDK, JRE
  • Compilation Process
  • Java Program Structure
  • Java Naming Conventions
  • Import / Package Statements
  • Main method of Java
  • Data Types and Type Conversions
  • Comments In Java
  • Operators In Java
  • Advantage of OOPs
  • Object and Class
  • Abstraction Encapsulation
  • Types of Variables (instance/class)
  • Static methods / non-static methods
  • Call by value – call by reference
  • Method Overloading
  • Var-args methods
  • Constructor
  • this keyword
  • Objects & References
  • Garbage Collection and finalize method
  • Inheritance
  • super keyword / final keyword
  • Abstract class and Interface
  • Package and Access Modifiers
  • Object Cloning
  • String (Constructors, Methods)
  • Concept of Immutable and Mutable Objects
  • String Pool
  • StringBuffer (Constructors, Methods)
  • StringTokenizer(Constructors, Methods)
  • Exception Handling: What and Why?
  • try and catch block Multiple catch block
  • Nested try
  • finally block
  • throw keyword
  • Exception Propagation
  • throws keyword
  • Exception Handling with Method Overriding
  • Custom Exception
  • File class (uses, constructors and methods)
  • Concept of Streams (Byte Based and Character Based)
  • File Output Stream & File Input Stream
  • Sequence Input Stream
  • Buffered Output Stream & Buffered Input Stream
  • File Writer & File Reader
  • Input from keyboard by Scanner
  • Compressing and Uncompressing File
  • Data Input Stream and Data Output Stream
  • Serialization & De-serialization
  • transient keyword
  • Collection Framework Introduction
  • List, Set, Queue interfaces and their implementations
  • Map and its implementations
  • Comparable and Comparator
  • java.util.Arrays class and its methods
  • Single Dimension Arrays (primitive and non-primitive types)
  • Multi Dimension Arrays (2d,3d)
  • Multithreading: What and Why?
  • Life Cycle of a Thread
  • Creating Thread
  • Thread Examples
  • Thread class methods
  • Synchronization
  • Synchronized Blocks and methods
  • Inter-thread communication
  • Runnable interface
  • Containers & Components
  • Layout Managers
  • Methods of Component classes
  • Intermediate Container
  • Font , Color classes
  • Dialogs, File Dialogs
  • Event Handling
  • Event Handling using Listeners
  • Event Handling using Adapter classes
  • Event Handling using inner and Anonymous classes
  • Java Applets
Next Batch -
  • 21/12/2020
  • |
  • Tuesday
  • |
  • 03:30 AM
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Duration : 35 hours

This Java training course is intended for students without an extensive programming background. It covers most Java syntax elements, concentrating on fundamental and universally useful elements, while providing an overview of many more advanced elements.

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