C Programming

Live / Classroom Sessions

Duration : 30 Days

Live Classes Fee : 1500 1,099

  • Basics, Logic Building
  • Loops, Control Flow Structures
  • Data Types, Variables
  • Pointers, Arrays
  • Strings, Functions
  • File Handling & More

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Course Features

  • Complimentary Life time Access to C Programming Online course
  • Course mentored by Industry expert
  • Project-based learning which will add stars to your resume
  • Course completion certificate
  • 4 Minor Projects based on to real-world applications

Course Overview

  • This course will help you to learn C Programming Language which is basic to CPL Computer Programming Languages. By design, C provides constructs that map efficiently to typical machine instructions, and therefore it has found lasting use in applications that had formerly been coded in assembly language, including operating systems, as well as various application software for computers ranging from supercomputers to embedded systems. The course will be mentored & guided by an CPL expert having hands-on experience of 16 years in the training of Computer Programming Languages for beginners. The course includes 3-4 minor projects based on real-world applications with guided lab sessions.
  • It will be an online live (Live Stream) class, so you can attend this class from any geographical location. It will be an interactive live session, where you can ask your doubts to the instructor (similar to an offline classroom program).
  • Pre-requisites: Will to learn
  • Recommended for: Anyone who wants to learn basics of CPL and C programming in depth, specifically
    • 1. College students who are looking for training in C/ C++/ Data Structures
    • 2. Candidates preparing for off/on campus placements

Course Mentor

  • Nitesh Sir, synonymous for C, C++, Data Structure and Python Training is a very seasoned trainer loved by students from last 11 years. His knowledge and delivery style for any entry level programming languages training for beginners specifically ' C, C++, Data Structure & Python ' is appreciated not only by graduates, undergraduates but by professionals also who are working on these technologies. He is the most preferred trainer of beginners.

Course Content

  • Components of a program
  • Preprocessor of a program
  • The main () function
  • New line character
  • Adding comments
  • Program compilation and execution on Three Compliers (TC, GCC, G++)
  • Data Types
  • Constant
  • Variables
  • C Operators
  • The printf() function
  • The scanf () function
  • The gets () function
  • The puts () Function
  • The getchar () function
  • The putchar () function
  • Format Description
  • Escape sequence
  • Type conversion
  • Automatic type conversation
  • Explicit type conversion
  • Sequential control structure
  • The if-else statement
  • The break statement
  • Ternary operator
  • The continue statement
  • The switch-case statement The go to statement Iterative control structure
  • What is looping
  • Need of loops
  • Types of loops
  • The while () Loop
  • The do… while () loop
  • The for () Loop
  • Example of Loop
  • 1D Arrays
  • Multi-D Arrays
  • 2D Arrays
  • Strings and String Functions
  • Introduction Pointer
  • Pointer and Two-Dimensional Arrays
  • Pointer and Arrays
  • Pointer Arithmetic
  • User defined functions
  • Storage classes
  • Passing values to functions
  • Type conversion
  • Return value
  • Function with arrays
  • User defined data types
  • Structure declaration
  • Nested structure
  • Structure and unions
  • Introductions to files
  • Binary I/O from files
  • File handing
  • Random access
  • Opening a file (f open)
  • Writing records onto files
  • Character I/O from files
  • Elementary Database
  • What is Exception?
  • Handling an exception try….except…else
  • try-finally clause
  • Argument of an Exception
  • Python Standard Exceptions
  • Raising an exceptions
  • User-Defined Exceptions
  • Reading and writing text files Writing Text Files
  • Appending to Files and Challenge
  • Writing Binary Files Manually
  • Using Pickle to Write Binary Files
  • What is multithreading? Starting a New Thread
  • The Threading Module Synchronizing Threads
  • Multithreaded Priority Queue
  • Python Spreadsheet Interfaces
  • Python XML interfaces
Next Batch -
  • 21/12/2020
  • |
  • Tuesday
  • |
  • 03:30 AM
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Next Batch -
  • 21/12/2020
  • |
  • Tuesday
  • |
  • 03:30 AM
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'C' Language

Duration : 30 Days

This C training course is intended for students without any programming background. It covers most C syntax elements, concentrating on fundamental and universally useful elements, while providing an overview of many more advanced elements.

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