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Course Features

    Hands on experience of Live Project Development with systematic approach using all phases of SDLC. Professional Web Designing with latest Industry tools like HTML, CSS, JavaScript,JQuery,Bootstrap.It's a Full Stack Development Training for Building Dynamic Website &Web Application
    MongoDB: Mongo DB is a schema less NoSQL database system
    Express JS: Express JS is a framework used to build web applications in Node
    Angular:Is used to build web single page application. It's publish web component which is used in an HTML page
    Node.js: Node.js is a server-side JavaScript execution environment.

Course Overview

  • Live web application based project development along with training & complete guidance.
  • Special training sessions in live class room with immediate doubt sloving approach .
  • Industry visit and complete interaction with developer
  • Total 300 hrs traning form which 200 hrs hand-on training & 100 hrs development on live project.
  • Implementation under the well experienced senior developer/ trainers in corporate environment with professional attitude.
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Continuous performance monitoring system by maintaining progress report.
  • On basis of performance corrective action planning and implementation.
  • A complete set of assignment Preparation, question bank & notes for daily practices
  • Interview Preparation
  • Interview preparation on the basis of companies requirement.
  • Written test, machine test, professional resume writing & HR round
  • 100% placement support. industry tie up with more than 150 companies for placement opportunities.
  • The on-job trainee work experience certificate issued after successful completion of live project.

Course Mentor

  • Nitesh Sir, synonymous for C, C++, Data Structure and Python Training is a very seasoned trainer loved by students from last 11 years. His knowledge and delivery style for any entry level programming languages training for beginners specifically ' C, C++, Data Structure & Python ' is appreciated not only by graduates, undergraduates but by professionals also who are working on these technologies. He is the most preferred trainer of beginners.

Course Content

  • What is HTML?
  • Basics of HTML- Structure of HTML
  • Div and Span tag and its attribute
  • Table tag and its attribute
  • Form tag, Label tag and its attribute
  • Input tag, Button tag all related tags and its attribute
  • Image Tag and its attribute
  • What is CSS and what is its need?
  • Type of CSS
  • Basic CSS syntax: attribute:proptery;
  • How to implements all three types
  • CSS Class / Id
  • CSS Media Query
  • CSS Rules
  • What is Bootstrap?
  • How to use bootstrap in HTML page Online mode
  • Offline mode
  • Bootstrap Button classes, Form classes, Input classes, Div classes,
  • And classes for Container, Header, Footer,Slider
  • Bootstrap Navigation Bar
  • Table classes
  • Image classes
  • Alert classes
  • Text Classes
  • Introduction Mean & Javascript
  • Javascript DataType & Operator
  • Javascript Condition & Loop Control statement
  • JavaScript Array & Object
  • JavaScript Function user Define
  • JavaScript Event Programming
  • Exception Handling
  • DOM,Navigation,Set time out,time interval
  • Date& Ajax
  • JSON
  • What is Jquery
  • Basic syntax and structure
  • JQuery Events
  • JQuery Functions
  • LiveProject forWebDesigning
  • Node Introduction & Install
  • Basic JS Program With Node
  • Blocking & Nonblocking code
  • Create Module & export import
  • Introduction package.json file & install
  • Create Own Module & publish`npm server
  • File Handling
  • Create Event Driven Programming
  • Socket Programming
  • Create Own web server
  • Install express js
  • Create Web App using express
  • Introduction Middleware Concepts & create
  • Express Routing
  • Express JS Template Engine
  • Handling Query string parameter
  • Cookies parser & body parser
  • Session Handling (express-session),Mailer
  • Database operation with mysql
  • Create rest api using express js
  • Create application using express js
  • Create Rest api & testing rest api postman
  • Introduction Mongo & Install & Feature
  • Create database,collection,Document,& Data
  • Simple Query ,Insert select data,filter data
  • Capped collection,Update & delete Collection
  • Index & relationship,Aggregation & grouping ,JOIN
  • Import & export mongo database,Backup restore
  • Database operation with Node +Mongodb
  • Introduction Angular js & diffrence b/w angular-1 and angular-8
  • Type Script Datatype & Operator
  • Type Script String & Tupple,Oops
  • Object & Class
  • Inheritance & Interface
  • Angular js Install & IntroductionComponent
  • Angular js Child Component
  • Angular js DataBinding,Event Binding,2 Way Binding
  • Angular js Pipe,Pipe Chaining Form Validation
  • Angular js Routing
  • Angular js Services
  • Angular js Http Request
  • Web Application Intregation Using Node+Angular+Mongo
  • LiveProjectUsing Whole MEANStack Technology
Next Batch -
  • 21/12/2020
  • |
  • Tuesday
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  • 03:30 AM
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Internship Placement Training on MEANStack

Duration : 3.5 Months ,150 Hours

Mean stack refers to a collection of JavaScript technologies used to develop web applications. MEAN is a user-friendly stack which is the ideal solution for building dynamic websites and applications.This free and open-source stack offers a quick and organized method for creating rapid prototypes for web-based applications.

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